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Bayer Leverkusen Away Jersey 22/23

Bayer Leverkusen Away Jersey 22/23

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When you stand in the Nordecurve and look out across the pitch - well, if you can see the pitch, that is! The constant gallant waving of flags and proud display of Leverkusen pride make it possible to only catch glimpses in between the passing fabric. This jersey is inspired by those waving threads and the glimpses you catch in between their passing - the graphic pattern featuring a sporadic paneled display similar to your eyeline in the supporter's section. The view is just part of the game around these parts.

An officially licensed jersey that replicates the match-worn jerseys that professionals wear. Built for the everyday supporter and features a looser fit and standard fabric technology. Sewn or embroidered crests make these very machine-wash friendly.

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